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Assessment Arrangements

We have high aspirations at Ashburnham and we are determined to support all children in achieving their full potential. To ensure this, we have a rigorous assessment program in place which includes formative summative assessments.

We assess all year groups in  Writing every half term, Reading and Maths every term and KS1 assess Phonics half termly. We also assess all foundation subjects either half termly or termly depending on how long the unit it. We use past papers where appropriate and some subjects use assessment schemes. We keep parents informed of progress and we report levels regularly. Where extra support is needed further meetings are made with parents and intervention is often put in place.

In the Early Years we make accurate, moderated baseline assessments and the keep up to date profiles of observations of the children which inform progress. If you would like further details of the assessments your child will be taking this year, please contact the class teacher.  New arrivals to the school are assessed where appropriate to gauge where your child is at and how we can best support them.

Phonics:  Phonics runs from Nursery and continues into early KS2 if needed. There is a statutory phonics test for Y1 children in June. Parents will be advised whether their child passed or not. Children can re-sit the assessment in Y2. If your child does not pass, we will put intervention place to support their development in phonics.

KS1:  Children in Y2 will sit SATs exams for reading, writing and maths in the summer term. These levels are communicated to parents. From these results children are expected to make at least 2 levels of progress and some will make 3 levels by the end of Y6.

KS2:  Children in Y6 will sit SATs exams for reading, writing, spelling & grammar and maths in the summer term. These levels are communicated to parents and to secondary schools.