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Punctuality and Attendance

Our school attendance target is 97% for all children. It is vital that children are at school every day so as to make the best possible progress with their learning.

Every week attendance figures for each class are announced and there is a class competition every week for the best attendance.

We also believe in the importance of consistently good punctuality and we ask parents and carers to do their very best to ensure their children arrive at school on time each day. The school gates are opened at 8:45 a.m. and we expect children to be at school by 8:50 am each day.

Holidays outside designated school holiday times 

There are thirteen weeks of school holidays a year (a quarter of the year) and we believe that family holidays should be taken during these times. In exceptional circumstances, such as emergency family circumstances or parental ill health, children may be entitled to an absence outside of these times but this is strictly at the discretion of the Headteacher. As a school we strongly discourage additional holidays as they lead to children falling behind with their learning.

Parents and carers who take their children out of school for long unauthorised absences risk the likelihood of attracting a fine and being removed from the school roll.