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Patt Fisher

Pat Fisher – Integrative Child Psychotherapist (MA)

Pat Fisher is a fully-qualified Integrative Child Psychotherapist and Psychologist, who has worked with children at Ashburnham Primary School for over 10 years.  Through various forms of play and fun she helps children to explore, understand and manage their feelings.  By building a trusting relationship in a safe place, over time children can be helped in some of the following ways:

  • To build their self-esteem
  • To become more empathic
  • To improve their social skills
  • To have better relationships with their school friends and adults
  • To overcome fears or trauma
  • To improve their emotional intelligence
  • To handle difficult or frustrating situations better
  • To express their feelings

By helping the child to understand and deal with their emotions, they are better able to learn and achieve their full potential. Happy children = better learners!