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After School Clubs

After School Clubs

At Ashburnham Community School, we encourage children to an active role in the development of healthy lifestyles.  We support children to understand that a balanced diet and regular exercise are vitally important to maintain overall health and wellbeing.  Therefore, we provide a varied and interesting range of activities for before and after school, some of which are free to ensure maximum participation.  Alongside these clubs, we also have a school football, netball and table tennis team.

A number of after school clubs and activities are run every night.  We aim to provide a range of fun and interesting activities for children of all ages.

 Pupils must register their interest in a club before the end of each term or as early as possible near the beginning of a term. Clubs may be subject to change each term and places are strictly limited depending on the activity.  Places are given on a ‘first come, first served’ basis so attendance must be taken seriously and parents are required to collect their children promptly at the correct time.

We run an after school Play Centre for children in Nursery up to Year Three. Children can choose to take part in one of the Play Centre clubs which run from 3:30 to 4:30 and then they can join in the Play Centre ‘play’ activities after that until 5:30.

For children in Years Four to Six, a variety of clubs are run every night from 3:30 to 4:30. After that time, children can be taken over to Flash Point, a local Play Centre, which is open for children aged between eight and twelve years old.

Breakfast Club:

Ashburnham Community School runs breakfast club from 8am every morning; this gives the children a great start to the day with a healthy, balanced breakfast so they are ready for an exciting day of learning.  Breakfast is free for all children.  At certain times of the year, parents can come along for a free breakfast too!

Rise and Shine:

Rise and Shine is an exercise class which starts at 8:30 until 8:50 every morning.  This is run by our experienced PE teacher.  These sessions give children the chance to burn off exercise and have fun before the school days starts.  These sessions are free and everyone is welcome.