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Supporting your child with Writing

The basis of good writing is good talking. When you visit places, encourage your child to talk, in as much detail as possible, about what has been seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched.

Let your child see you being a model writer – writing notes, cards or letters to friends or relatives, a shopping list, or maybe a story or poem for them to enjoy. Let them see that you are not perfect! Making changes and editing what you write is a natural part of writing.

Let your child write their own greetings cards, thank you letters, cards or e-mails to friends or relatives, invitations to a party, or a list of things they need to take on a trip.

Play word-building games like Boggle or Scrabble. Games like ‘Guess Who’ can also develop their descriptive vocabulary.

Different types and colours of paper, different pens and pencils, envelopes, stampers and various other stationary can all be motivating when your child is writing.

Handwriting does not have to be boring! Let children practise drawing letters in sand, water or paint, or use white boards or blackboards. Pattern books can be fun to do and allow children to practise mark-making.