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Reading at Ashburnham Community School

At Ashburnham we believe that the teaching of reading is one of the most important aspects of school life. We aim to give children an opportunity to develop a love of literature, through author studies, author visits and submerging them in a wide range of texts.

Across the school, children start the day quietly by reading their individual reading books. Teachers have the opportunity to read at this time, modelling good practice. From then we move straight into Guided Reading from Year Two up. Guided reading is an incredibly important aspect of our teaching. Children are organised into groups within their class. Each group will be working towards different targets; these will be related to the attainment foci and the children’s personal reading targets. Children will be given the opportunity to discuss, answer comprehension type questions in small groups.

In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One children follow the Primary Literacy strategy of Letters and Sounds, using Read, Write Inc resources. Children are taught through a systematic phonics programme with decoding as the primary strategy. We also use Oxford Reading Tree as our primary reading scheme. On a weekly basis, children take books home according to their reading ability. Parents also read with their children online using www.oxfordowl.co.uk

In Key Stage Two, a high percentage of children are be reading independently, taking books from the class libraries and using the school library. Classes visit the local library, where they are able to borrow books. Teachers regularly check that what a child is reading and that it is suitable to their reading ability.

At Ashburnham we feel that is important that children leave primary school with knowledge of different authors. Across a year, children will study six authors. Children will do this in guided reading, extended writing, history, art and music. Children take part in poetry recitals, which again are linked to the author study. Reading to the children daily is incredibly important to us as well, each class will have a class novel, which will have been chosen by the teacher and children. This is an opportunity for the children to develop their vocabulary and listening skills. It is also important for the LOVE of reading.

Our reading scheme is made up mainly of Oxford Reading Tree. Oxford Reading Tree is based upon systematic phonics, with its well-loved characters, breadth and support for pupil, parents and teachers. We have a wide range of books and there are many different series to interest all ages, both boys and girls and all levels of readers. Teachers can confidently choose a book that is appropriate to the child depending on their level that has been assessed, ensuring that all children make progress.

For KS2 we have a variety of fiction from a variety of authors as well as an extensive non-fiction library.