Helping your child with behaviour

At the heart of Ashburnham’s approach to good behaviour are the Golden Rules,which apply at all times, whether in classrooms, public areas, or the playground;

  • We are gentle
  • We listen
  • We work hard
  • We are honest
  • We are kind and helpful
  • We look after property

Understanding the rules that are followed at school and reinforcing these behaviours at home can be very helpful for overall good behaviour.

As well as with verbal praise, good behaviour is rewarded via an established incentive system for “right” actions. Incentives include;

Good learning awards (GLAs)

Children are awarded for good learning.  If the work completed is of excellent quality, children are awarded with a GLA.  Every time they achieve 15 GLAs they are awarded with a certificate in assembly.

Top Table

Each week midday meals supervisors nominate five children who have displayed consistently good behaviour during the lunchtimes, to sit at ‘Top Table’ with a member of staff on Friday.

Star Of The Week

At the start of each week Class teachers will select two children as Stars of the Week.   The class will then have an opportunity to “discover” or point out acts of kindness, politeness or positive behaviour exhibited by the Star of the Week. This will encourage and reinforce a more entrenched understanding of positive behaviour in all.

Behaviour ladder

Each class sets a class target and as the children achieve that target, the class move up the ladder.  At the end of each half term, the children have a class party to celebrate their good behaviour.

House Points

All children and all staff are separated into Houses.  Children with siblings in school or staff who have children who attend Ashburnham are allocated into the same House.

There is an expectation that children will abide by school and class rules and therefore House Points are not awarded for following school and class rules.

House points may be awarded for positive behaviour throughout the school. Examples include:

  • Politeness
  • Assisting with jobs around school
  • Helping / supporting others
  • Excellent assembly behaviour

 Class teachers’ record House points and these are shared with the school community during the Achievement Assembly on Fridays. Points are displayed on the House Point board in the hall. The winning House is awarded the House Cup.

At the end of each term the winning House celebrates with a House Party.

Unacceptable behaviour

Children not following the Golden Rules are given a Reminder of them

If they continue to misbehave they are given a Warning and lose Golden Time.

If this sanction does not work, children can be given a Yellow Card, which is recorded in the school records. Their parent or carer is informed at the end of the school day. Yellow card offences include;

  • Mild teasing
  • Persistent inconsiderateness or unkindness
  • Deliberate roughness
  • Inappropriate behaviour or play, including play fighting
  • Minor attitude (behaviour & language) towards others, including adults
  • Dangerous or damaging use of others’ property, including school property

Three yellow cards in one day will result in a Red Card.

Automatic red card offences include;

  • Fighting and serious threats of physical violence
  • Threatening language, including extreme swearing
  • Complete defiance and/or disobedience of adult instructions
  • Behaviour and/or language where the intention is deemed to be racist, homophobic or prejudicial
  • Bullying behaviour/language – bullying is persistent behaviour and not an isolated incident
  • Extreme damage to property, including school property

The consequences of getting a red card are different depending on whether it happens during lessons or during playtime. Full details are in the attached policy, but can include;

  • Being sent to the Associate Headteacher
  • Remaining out of the rest of the lesson/lunchtime
  • Loss of all playtime the following day
  • Isolated lunch in the Associate Headteacher’s office
  • Call made home, and a letter sent informing parents/carers of the incident
  • Record kept on the child’s file

The poster below is in all classrooms and children are regularly reminded of the behaviour rules and sanctions.



Full details of the behaviour policy can be found .