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SEND at Ashburnham

If you require translated information on special needs please contact the school office.

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At Ashburnham Community School approximately 20% of children are on the Special Needs Register. To meet the needs of all groups of learners we have a comprehensive intervention program which includes:

  • 3 full time Intervention Teachers to support raising standards of attainment in Literacy from Years 2-5. This has the added benefit of reducing whole class teaching groups to between 15-19 children.
  • Intervention in Year 6 for numeracy, literacy and guided reading, which also reduces whole class teaching groups to 17.
  • Additional Reading sessions delivered by one of our 3 trained volunteers which provides key children with a full hour extra reading every week and is linked to writing for KS2 children.
  • A home work club which is free and supports children in completing their home work with guidance from an adult and takes the pressure of parents who cannot support at home. This also encourages KS2 children to take more responsibility for their home learning in preparation for secondary school.

Further details of the additional support in school can be seen on the ‘Ashburnham Intervention Overview’ which parents/carers can view on the website.

Throughout the year we also provide a series of workshops run by subject leaders to empower parents to support their children with their learning including:

  • Phonics
  • Story Telling
  • Spelling and Grammar
  • Guided Reading
  • Writing
  • Maths

In addition, we provide additional support for parents through running a range of parent work -shops and coffee morning throughout the year including:

  • Coffee morning for parents/carers of Statemented, SEN or LAC children. This runs every half term and is a chance for parents to link up and share a coffee and a chat. This is a great place to be signed posted to relevant services.
  • Sleep Clinic; this is an opportunity for parents/carers to get advice and support around bedtime routines and meet the Early Help For Families Team who can provide additional support in the home.
  • Nutrition Workshop; this is an opportunity for parents/carers to hear about the benefits of a healthy diet on their child’s education and learn tips about increasing fruit and veg in their diets. It is also a time when parents/carers can meet the nurse and discuss any individual concerns they have.
  • Positive behaviour routines workshop; This workshop teaches parents how to set up positive behaviour expectations at home and gives them an opportunity to meet with the Early Help For Families Team to discuss the work they can do in the home.

Details about all the workshops and coffee mornings can be found on the website and in the newsletter. Letters and reminder texts are also sent home.

We are also fortunate enough to be able to employ additional workers that support children and parents:

  • Full time Learning Mentor
  • In School Social Worker two days a week.
  • Play Therapist

In addition to all these services we also have a Wider Inclusion Team:

  • Educational Psychologist
  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • CAMHs Worker
  • School Nurse

Details of the Wider Inclusion Team can be found in the ‘Ashburnham Community School, Wider Inclusion Team Booklet’ in each classroom and on the website. This contains an outline of each role, a picture where appropriate and contact details where parents/carers can self-refer.